Our New Charity Steward

WBro Steven Craig Burles has taken the role of Charity Steward at our last Installation meeting, in December 2019.

He succeeds WBro Trevor Pickles, who occupied the position for some fifteen years, gaining an enviable reputation for the exceptional manner in which he served our charitable interests. His sustained level of success was exemplary and his performance quite literally “second to none”.

WBro Burles made his Brethren aware of his intention to carry out his responsibilities in the same manner as his predecessor and has already introduced himself to the District Team. As a senior figure in his web design and internet marketing business, he is highly accomplished and well-organised, talents which he has already amply displayed through all his Lodge offices and the Master’s Chair. He will undoubtedly continue to serve the post of Charity Steward in Royal Lancashire Lodge with all the energy, enthusiasm and distinction that its importance deserves.